Something Good Studio: Artist Designed Blanket-Sketch

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This blanket was designed by fine artist, Maja Maljević.

The title 'Sketch 22' is a play on ‘Catch 22’, it also refers to the nature of the sketch-like lines of the artwork and the fact that it has been created in the year 2022. 

Maja’s playful creative process is intriguing. She dabbles in painting, printmaking, sketching, collaging and pottery to name a few. Her final pieces are usually layered by various techniques resulting in very distinctive complex and colourful works. 

‘Sketch 22’ started out as doodles on a restaurant slip which Maja enlarged and overlapped with characteristic collaged geometric shapes. 

Maja’s fun-loving spirit translates in her work; her paintings, prints and ceramics are packed and layered with all the happy feels. This blanket in particular is especially impressive both in scale (it is the largest blanket we’ve ever made!) and detail, much like her latest solo exhibition at David Krut Projects.