Something Good Studio: Artist Designed Blanket-Dancing Tiger

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This blanket was designed in collaboration with Khakoon, multi-talented husband and wife musician-artists duo from Pretoria, South Africa.  Khakoon is home to a selection of tactile and earthy artworks, textiles, ceramics and posters all produced by the couple under the notion that “home is the future”. 

Whether you snap up an album or an artwork, the spectrum of their creative output plays homage to their safe space where they create in tandem; he writes, she sings, he starts a painting & she finishes it, their process is nothing short of incredible.

“On our continued quest to embrace nature through art and craft, we've been contemplating how the wild beast or 'tiger' that is life and the world around us, could be better navigated and perhaps even 'tamed' to the degree in which we have more time to spend with our loved ones, enjoying the outdoors, playing, dancing, singing, catching a fish, picking a flower, throwing a stone, or watching the sunset.” - Brendon Erasmus of Khakoon.