Ash&Mill Three-Pack Collection

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Rose Geranium collection:

Drawing from the captivating aroma of South African rose geranium essential oil, balancing floral and earthy undertones, we crafted our Three-Pack Collection. In this selection, rose geranium is combined with citrus oils, lavender, and a touch of patchouli, allowing each bar to showcase a different element of the oil's unique olfactory profile. The trio of soaps all boast exfoliating properties for a luxurious cleansing experience. particles giving them a lovely, roughness and feature red and green French clays.

  • Rose geranium, petitgrain and red French clay apricot kernel – pale pink speckled with ground apricot kernels
  • Rose geranium and lavender with green French clay and ground apricot kernel – green speckled with ground apricot kernels 
  • Rose geranium, lavender and patchouli with ground apricot kernel – off-white colour speckled with rooibos powder


Rooibos Collection

The Ash & Mill rooibos collection offers a three-pack for the ultimate exfoliating experience, with rooibos powder and stimulating pairings of activated charcoal and turmeric. This luxurious selection abounds with tantalizing aromas, from the zesty mix of black pepper and lime to the mellow duo of cedarwood and patchouli, and the floral marriage of rose geranium and lavender.

  • Cedarwood, black pepper and patchouli with green French clay and rooibos – brown colour with rooibos exfoliating powder.
  • Black pepper and lime with activated charcoal and rooibos – black with brown exfoliating rooibos speckles.
  • Rose geranium and lavender with turmeric and rooibos – rich red/brown colour. Not exfoliating.

Earth Tone Collection:

The Earth tone three-pack Collection gives you three delicious cold-processed soaps in a muted, earth-inspired colour range. The tones are achieved with the help of rooibos powder, activated charcoal, and coffee grounds for an end result that is completely natural. These cold-processed soaps offer a woody, grounded aroma thanks to the citrus elements of bergamot, petitgrain, and orange, coupled with cedarwood, tea tree, and neroli essential oils.

  • Cedarwood, bergamot and petitgrain with rooibos  brown with exfoliating rooibos dust
  • Petitgrain and tea tree with activated charcoal – black
  • Neroli and Valencia orange with coffee ground – off white, speckled with exfoliating coffee grounds